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Markham initiative recognised by UNESCO

We are pleased to share with you “Relatos Docentes”, a publication resulting from a gathering of educators who presented their initiatives to promote peace in school. This was created by the UNESCO Office in Lima, in coordination with Red de Educadores Humanistas and the Corriente Pedagógica Humanista, COPEHU. In this edition, they recognise Markham’s very own Activity Centre created by the Lower School’s counsellor, Patricia Diaz.

Interview to Markham College student

Nicolas was interviewed by Mundo Empresarial about the school’s win in HACIA Democracy with the social entrepreneurship house building project in Chincha.

School updates regarding coronavirus

Markham College is currently closed in accordance with the decrees issued by the government during the state of emergency. During this time we will be providing full online learning for all our students. We are determined to ensure that learning continues at the same pace and with the same effectiveness as normal.

How does online education during the pandemic work for Early Years students?

It is evident that education is going through many changes, as well as great opportunities, since the teaching-learning process is currently migrating from face-to-face to a virtual one. However, this implies a great challenge, as in the case of preschool education, since it depends on various factors to guarantee its success.

Webinar: Back to what future?

Conversation amongst Latin American school headmasters in which our own Headmaster, Chris Binge, offered his views on how education could change to adapt to these new times.

Education changes from Peru

In this episode, Director of Persyou, Nicholas McKie is joined by Chris Binge, Head of Markham College in Lima, Peru. Chris discusses a wealth of topics ranging from freeing school structures, adding curriculum breath to promoting interdisciplinary learning as a way forward for education. Chris provides an insightful outlook of education development drawing on his vast experience of leading schools in Geneva, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Markham Face Shield Collaboration

Find out how our Maker Space teachers’ initiative to develop and donate face shields to the Health Ministry was also an opportunity for students to continue their service activities.

The soft skills your child must learn

A child is every parent’s priority – as is their desire to offer them the best education today so they can become happy and successful people tomorrow. Parents invest in the best schools trusting that this will equip their child to face future challenges, tasks and problems. However, are the skills they are learning in school the right ones?

About the SAT exams and SAT Subject

We would like to let you know that, given the current situation we’re living through, and in complying with the government’s rules and in protection of public health, Markham College has decided NO to carry out the SAT tests and SAT Subject at our venue during September and October.

White flags for Manchay

Interview on the show Buenas Nuevas to Camila Calderón, school captain, about the food donation campaign for the Manchay community.

Interview with Adriana Muente, psychologist at Markham College in America Economia: “Emotional education must be a continual process”

During these times, when confinement has challenged parents in their role of accompanying their children with their studies, it is key to educate socioemotionally. Adriana Muente recommends paying attention to the youngest ones, under 7 years old, who do not verbalise what they feel and retain their parents’ emotions easily, causing them problems that are not always easily visible.

LAHC Greenstock VIII.5 Student conference

Students from Markham College and San Silvestre School, passionate about protecting our planet, collaborated in organising an event attended by students all over Latin America helping to promote one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal – Empathy for Life.

7 tips so children don’t exceed screen time

During these days it is inevitable that our children spend more time in front of the screens. Its use is not a problem if it is controlled and balanced with your other activities. Here we share some guidelines and recommendations that could be useful these days