Outdoor education

The Outdoor Education Programme makes full use of the amazing natural diversity Peru has to offer. 


Markham College has a comprehensive Outdoor Education Programme with yearly camps for pupils ages 9 to 16. These camps are situated in or close to the Coast, the Andes Mountains, National Parks and the Amazon jungle.



Senior students also benefit from the experience gained by helping and assisting others. The programme also provides a good opportunity outside of the school for younger pupils to work more closely with the senior students.


Some of the important life skills pupils develop at these camps:

  • leadership
  • teamwork
  • initiative
  • an appreciation of the Peruvian culture and environment

Complementary experiences

Alongside the Outdoor Education Programme, students may choose to be involved in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, in which students from 14 years and older continue to use and build upon the valuable skills they have been taught.

P4 in Chosica
P5 in Paracas
P6 in Lunahuana
S1 in Santa Eulalia
S2 in Huaraz
S3 in Tambopata
S4 in Cusco