International Baccalaureate

The flagship academic programme at Markham College is the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Markham College offers the most robust IB Diploma programme in Peru with 27 different subjects from which to choose.

What is the International Baccalaureate?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a rigorous two-year programme recognised internationally for:

  • offering academic, personal and social development
  • allowing students to personalise their learning programme from a broad base of languages, Mathematics, Sciences and Arts
  • giving students the opportunity to learn skills which are relevant to future undergraduate and life long learning whilst gaining a strong knowledge base in their chosen fields

Students who enjoy the challenge of learning in the English language and are willing to put significant effort into their academic and personal development can opt for the IB, provided they can show evidence of academic success in the past. Students must take 3 or 4 courses as Higher Level subjects and the rest at Standard Level.

Over the years, success in these examinations has led to an increasing number of Markham students entering some of the best universities around the world. Details of student placement at such universities can be obtained from the Careers and Counselling Department on request.

Preparation to enter Peruvian and international universities

The IB Diploma Programme facilitates direct access to the UK and other European universities and also Australian, New Zealand and Canadian universities which may make students the offer of a place conditional on gaining certain overall and/or specific grades.

Students interested in US university entrance may prepare for SAT entrance examinations while doing the IB Diploma; the SAT examination may now be taken at Markham College.

Most private Peruvian universities accept 24 Diploma points for direct entry. Some others give credits towards the first year of general studies for IB students with 32 points or higher, in addition to accrediting certain courses depending on the IB grade obtained.

What does the IB programme consist of?

  • A two-year course at Markham College (Sixth Form: 5B & 6B)

  • Considered to be a very rigorous academic programme

  • Taught almost entirely in English

  • Excellent preparation for university both here in Peru and abroad

Students who choose to follow this course must agree to stay on at school for a sixth year of study. We have sustained this policy for more than 16 years with a high degree of success.


What subjects does it include?

Students are expected to complete the following courses which may be taken at a higher or standard level:

  • At least one first language (English, Spanish or French)

  • Mathematics (several levels are available for different career choices)

  • At least one Science course (several choices are available for different career choices)

  • At least one Humanities course (several choices are available for different career choices)

  • P.E. (Physical Education): Markham requires all IB students to continue with weekly P.E. classes for the two years of the Programme

  • Choice of elective: an arts subject or another language first or second level (English, Spanish or French) or another science or humanity

  • Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and a 4,000 word extended essay

  • Complete a course in CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service)

The IB Diploma Programme options for subjects at Markham include:

  • Science: Biology; Design and Technology; Chemistry; Computer Science; Physics; Sports: Exercise and Health Science; and Environmental Systems and Societies

  • Humanities: Economics; Geography; History; Psychology and Environmental Systems and Societies

  • Arts and Languages: Film; French; Music; Theatre and Visual Arts


2021 International Examination Results 


In 2021, the school entered 73 students for the IB Diploma with a choice of study from 40 different subjects and levels.


The average point score of 34.37 is the 3rd best in our history!


If we exclude students who did not pass the diploma, the average point score rises to 35.13 and is almost 3 points above the IB world average of 32.37 for this examination period.


Thirteen students achieved 40 points or more, equalling our best-ever in this regard from 2014 and 27 of the 40 subjects scored above world averages.

In the table below, subjects are ranked according to their average points score. Small entry subjects typically feature at the top of the table, and well done to them for performing to expectations. Nine subjects achieved an average score of 6 or more which is excellent.

The average point score for all subjects was 5.51 which compares well to the world average of 5.13

2020 International Examination Results 


Unfortunately, in 2020, due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the school was unable to administer final examinations for the International Baccalaureate Diploma. However, official grades were awarded to the students on the basis of their coursework, oral work and internal assessments, and many obtained excellent levels of achievement in their on-line lessons. 


  • 94 students received the Diploma, our highest-ever number
  • The average points score of 33.05 was above average for results obtained at the school since the introduction of the Diploma
  • 6 students achieved a points score of 40 or above

We are particularly pleased and proud of the results of all of our students who responded magnificently to the challenges they experienced throughout the year. If circumstances permit, it is hoped that these examinations will be available for them in 2021.


2019 Achievements


In 2019, the school entered 97 students for the IB Diploma with a choice of study from 41 different subjects and levels. This was both our largest-ever student entry and our largest-ever offering of courses.

The average point score of 33.14 is above average for results obtained at the school since the Diploma was introduced and is nearly 5 points above the world average of 28.48


*Markham College has a policy of complete transparency in regard to the levels of academic achievement of our students and we have always been proud to publish our public examination results on our website in full.