Chris Bringe

Born in England, Mr Binge graduated from Cambridge University with an MA in Maths. He has been involved with IB Schools in Europe and Asia for 30 years, as a teacher and administrator, before moving to Lima in 2017. Chris is particularly interested in the effect of learning spaces on education and seeks to innovate in the fields of evaluation and assessment.

Marco Bassino

Born in Peru and an ex-Markhamian, Mr Bassino graduated as a teacher in High School Education with a degree in Language and Literature from the Universidad Nacional Mayor of San Marcos. He also has studies in a Masters in Educational Planning. Marco has taken many different roles at the school since his arrival in 1981 and remains keen to combine the best practices from both Peruvian and international schools.

Phil Sharp
Director of Studies

Born and raised in the UK, Mr Sharp attended London and Bath Universities. With Masters degrees in both Education and Linguistics, Phil started working at Markham College in 1991. Over this period he has contributed to the growth and development of the school. He is proud of a school that has enormous ambition and that builds success upon success.

Julie Wickham
Head of Early Years

Mrs Wickham studied Primary Education, Mathematics and Educational Technology at the College of St Mark & St John, UK. She taught in schools in Devon and Cornwall before moving overseas. Julie has worked in international schools in Borneo, Malaysia, Tanzania and Taiwan before arriving at Markham in 2017. She is currently studying for a Masters in Education, Leadership and Management at The University of Bath, UK.  

Alan Nocker
Head of Primary

Born in Scotland, Mr Nocker spent much of his childhood in the north of England. After graduating in education in 1982, he worked as a teacher in the United States. Alan has worked in Markham College for the last 25 years.

Michael Bloy
Head of Secondary

Born in Scotland, Mr Bloy attended both Manchester and Leicester universities. Holding an MSc in Educational Leadership, he is currently completing an MBA with UCL. He has held multiple roles in high-profile schools internationally. His core belief is that ‘schools should be beautiful places’, where our children’s feelings, faces, and voices matter. 

Harry Hildebrand
Deputy Head (HELIX)

Mr Hildebrand has introduced the HELIX programme to the school. This aims to help every student find and develop their ‘X-Factor’ and focus on what they are passionate about. Most of the activities and projects Harry is involved in take place outside the classroom, which is why you will often see him wearing a  pair of shorts and his favourite sombrero signed by all his students.

Bruno Landa
Head of Counselling, Higher Education and External Relations

Born in Peru, Mr Landa studied Education, Philosophy and has a Masters in Psychology for Children and Teenagers. He joined Markham College 30 years ago and is constantly aiming to improve the welfare of students. For Bruno, the right learning place is a happy and safe environment.

Nathan Eades
Deputy Head of Staffing

Born in Wales, Mr Eades studied for a degree in Product Design. The opportunity to share design techniques and empower students with life skills led him into teaching. Nathan supports his colleagues’ professional development, ensuring teachers are passionate, knowledgeable and innovative, with the skills to inspire the students at the school.