Rock & Water



Markham College is the first school in Peru that will integrate the Rock and Water programme into its educational programme as part of the school’s effort to empower young people and proactively prevent aggression, violence and bullying.

About Rock & Water

Knowing the success that this programme, originated in the Netherlands, has had in schools around Europe, the United States and Asia, Markham College decided to incorporate this programme that focuses on the training of social and communicative skills, which allow the reinforcing of positive behaviours and relationships, as well as human values, such as respect for others.
It is a programme that has an active methodology, where the student experiences physical exercises, games, dramatisations, moments of reflection, collaborative work and transfer tasks to put into practice what they have learned.

 “I see great value in Rock & Water because through role-playing and psychophysical games kids learn they have CHOICE. I’m positive these tools will serve our kids well as they move forward in life with more empathy, self-awareness and self-confidence.”

                                                                                                                                                        -Sandra Gamio, parent


This programme is aimed at children and teenagers from 4 to 18 years to help them gain self-awareness, increase their self-esteem, improve their social functioning and prevent aggression and violence in the community. Among its main achievements are:
  • bullying reduction
  • reduction of aggression among men
  • reduction of aggression among women
  • greater self-control in adolescents
  • more self-confidence, especially in teenagers