Welcome to Markham College

Mrs. Cooper welcomes you

Welcome to Markham College, a co-ed bilingual international school that leads the way in innovation for education in Peru and South America. At Markham, we believe that people make a difference. Whilst we know that academic qualifications matter, we also acknowledge the importance of each student’s holistic development. We believe that success in life requires a combination of a meaningful contribution to society, the environment, family happiness, personal fulfillment, as well as professional achievement.

Our care for children, their well-being, and their emotional, psychological, and physical development support their academic development throughout their Markham journey.

Mrs. Judy Cooper

Mr. Bassino welcomes you

“At Markham we strive to prepare our alumni for future challenges. Due to the speed of innovation and change imposed by advance in technology, the future is difficult to envision but, I am deeply proud of my school, because Markham pursues not only academic education but aims to shape graduates to be individuals that have a fertile imagination, free minds and solid ethics.”

Mr. Marco Bassino