Welcome to Markham College

Our Headmaster welcomes you

In Markham, the journey begins when children 3 or 4 years old and takes them on a journey towards eventual success in the National Programme or the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The language skills are laid down in English and Spanish that lead to confident, fluent users of both these languages. Nearly all our IB students achieve a Bilingual Diploma, which is quite remarkable for any school. The skills of how to learn, to research to collaborate and communicate the results of this study are developed throughout their education at Markham.

Learning also takes place out of the classroom, and we want students to see how the skills they use in other activities are the same as the ones they use in their studies.

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Welcome from our Peruvian Director

Marco Bassino, alumni and now school Director, knows very well the philosophy of what we were, what we are and where we’re going to as a world-class educational institution.

“As an educator, our challenge is to prepare our alumni to live in a society that doesn’t exist yet, because it’s in the future. The future is difficult to envision, due to the speed of innovation imposed by technology in our personal and professional lives. This is why I am deeply proud of my school, as we pursue not only academic education but shaping Peruvians with a fertile imagination, free mind and solid ethics.”

Mr Marco Bassino