Social service

Markham College has developed a social service programme, transversal to many of the out-of-class activities, in which help is promoted through collections, manual labour or other activities.
From Early Years, our students support different causes, encouraging in our students the desire to serve, collaborate and support in both local and international environments.
Some of the examples of our most prominent social service programmes include:
  • House building project in Chincha
  • Nubes de Cambio
  • Surf & Service
As well as ongoing support and collaboration with a range of organisations such as:
  • Operation Smile club
  • ESMUP (Esclerosis Múltiple Perú)
  • Cuna Nazareth
  • Magia
  • Juguete Pendiente, among many others
At the School we strive to promote in our students the desire to help in various ways to positively impact society.