Markham College seeks to promote publications made by students. 

A group of Upper School students recently launched the school’s first interactive philosophy magazine which features accessible topics for students of different ages and interests. Students, teachers and even alumni shared some of their philosophical thoughts through articles and drawings that encourage a deep introspection about who we are and our place in the world we live in.
A group of students from Lower School, as part of the after school activities, published a newspaper completely produced by themselves.

Lions News

ECOS was a magazine created and produced by our students, baptised as inter-cultural journalists by the Ministry of Education, for the great work that they have done for the Tinkuy meetings since 2013. The magazine was published uninterruptedly for over 10 years. Started in 2006, it was initially created to help collect funds in support of the Multiple Sclerosis Association of Peru (ESMUP).

ECOS allowed students to express their ideas, opinions and feelings about events that not only happen in the school but also those that befall our country and the world. It was a great way to explore and reflect upon what was happening around them and to share it with the Markham community in the languages taught at school, as ECOS aimed to be an intercultural magazine.


Past ECOS publications: