We believe that the basis of a first-level education is highly trained teachers who can offer the most modern educational techniques to our students.

That is why the College regularly invests in:

  • regular training for our current staff
  • agreements with internationally recognised universities that provide continuous development of our staff
  • hiring excellent national and international teachers

International staff

Over 40% of our staff is international, which enables us to provide a bilingual education that allows our students to master two languages ​​during their school career.

Likewise, we invest in infrastructure that allows our teachers to offer the most modern techniques that encourage learning in our students.

Over 40% of our staff is international

Continued professional development

Markham College puts great value in a continued professional development (CPD) by ensuring our teachers are offered a range of professional development opportunities to strengthen their pedagogy in line with current best practice. It is important to the College that during their time at Markham teachers gain experience and grow professionally.

Our staff have opportunities to engage in online and residential courses as well as international exchanges and conferences. The College hosts at least one international CPD provider annually to share strategies and launch initiatives which are then further developed through our internal, collaborative CPD model.

Access to international programmes

We also work closely with leading UK universities such as Nottingham and Belfast to train new and current colleagues, in tandem with the College’s initial training programme, resulting in teachers being awarded a postgraduate certificate in Education. Since this course started in 2014, over 50 staff members have successfully completed their PGCEi with Markham College.