Markham Code

The Markham community is made up of students, past and present, staff and parents. The Markham Code embodies a number of precepts we aim to respect and live up to, in all facets of our lives, both inside and outside school. Above all, we aspire to be supportive, positive and reflective in our actions and approach to life.


As a Member of the Markham Community:

I aim to show respect for myself through:

  • Perseverance, always striving for a better version of myself, challenging myself to improve
  • Being authentic and true to myself and not being afraid to be different
  • Being aware of my emotional, physical and mental wellbeing and seeking support when necessary
  • Being reflective, understanding who I am, how I work, and the way I learn
  • Understanding the context and situation of my life, being grateful for what I have and the opportunities presented to me
  • Accepting when I am wrong and learning from my mistakes

I aim to show respect for other people through:

  • Being truthful and trustworthy in all situations
  • Accepting and welcoming people of different cultures and beliefs
  • Accepting the right of everyone to be themselves
  • Being approachable and helpful to those in need
  • Communicating clearly and effectively, both by listening and speaking, and being aware of the effects of the language I use
  • Recognising that every action I take has an effect on others, and striving to make my actions positive

I aim to show respect for the world around us through:

  • Engaging with the needs of the community
  • Respecting the environment and acting accordingly
  • Developing empathy for others
  • Striving to understand issues and create solutions
  • Having the humility to understand that others, when their opinions differ from mine, may also be right