In both Secondary 3 and Secondary 4, Markham pupils study for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

What is IGCSE?

IGCSE is the international equivalent of the examinations taken by UK students at the age of 16. Over 500,000 entries are made each year by students from over 140 countries in over 3,700 different schools.  IGCSE examination results are the best way of comparing academic standards across different schools as the criteria for the examinations are the same worldwide. All Markham students are entered for at least 10 IGCSE subjects at the end of Secondary 4. 


What subjects are included?

The Upper School at Markham offers a wide selection of IGCSE courses which include the following:


  • Languages: First Language Spanish; Spanish as a Foreign Language; First or Second Language English; Spanish Literature, English Literature and French
  • Mathematics: International Mathematics and Additional Mathematics
  • Sciences: Double Science; Co-ordinated Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
  • Humanities: World History and Geography
  • The Performing Arts: Art& Design; Music and Drama
  • Technological Studies: Design Technology (Graphic Products, Resistant Materials, Systems and Controls and Textiles), Computer Studies and Information Technology; ICT
  • Others include: Business Studies, Food & Nutrition, and Physical Education

2020 Examinations


Unfortunately, in 2020, due to the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, the school was unable to administer these examinations as usual. Although the students obtained excellent levels of achievement in their on-line lessons. If circumstances permit, it is hoped these examinations will be available for them in 2021.


In S4, all Markham students are normally entered for at least 10 University of Cambridge IGCSE subjects. As the pandemic prevented the IGCSE examinations from taking place, the school instead issued the students with our own International General Certificate of Secondary Education. This recognised that the 137 students in S4 would normally have taken 1391 IGCSE examinations, an average of over 10 per student, and 23 students would likely have been awarded 10 or more A*-A grades, a fantastic achievement.

We are particularly pleased and proud of the results of all of our students who responded magnificently to the challenges they experienced throughout the year.

2019 Achievements

In 2019, 148 S4 students sat 1497 IGCSE examinations, an average of over 10 per student. The average point score per student (MPS) was 6.07 and 10 students gained 10 or more A*-A grades.

*Markham College has a policy of complete transparency in regard to the levels of academic achievement of our students and we have always been proud to publish our public examination results on our website in full.