London College of Music



The London College of Music (LCM) is one of eight schools forming part of the University of West London, a university well-known for forming creative professionals.

Why London College of Music?

LCM is the largest specialist music and performing arts institution in the United Kingdom and offers a wide range of international examinations in music, drama and communications. These examinations are spread across a variety of subjects within each area, catering to a wide range of abilities.


Markham is the only school in Lima recognised as a Latin American representative of the LCM authorised to provide these examinations. Entries provide an important income for the school and all candidates are able to use our facilities.


Every year a considerable number of Markham students participating in the school’s Instrumental & Vocal Programme sit LCM examinations; the majority of them passing with excellent results. Our students take these examinations at different levels in their corresponding instruments as well as singing.


Secondary 3 & 4 students, as well as those IB students who take Music as an options course, are strongly recommended to sit the LCM Music Literacy international evaluations (Grade 3 to Grade 5) and the IB Music examinations respectively at either the standard or higher level. The Fellowship Diploma is the highest available qualification LCM offers.


  • In 2019 we had around 150 candidates from Primary and Secondary
  • In 2019, 83% of our Secondary students got distinctions. All candidates passed and the results were very satisfactory.
  • Overall, as a South American representative centre, we had a total of 500 candidates from schools and institutions in Lima and Arequipa.

All interested musicians should contact Mrs Cecilia RamirezDirector of Music at