Preparing for the Lima 2019 Pan-American Games

Previous to the arrival of the Lima 2019 Pan-American Games, on Wednesday 22 May we had the opportunity to receive Luisa Villar (Roosevelt School teacher and Peruvian representative of the Pan-Am organisation) and Juan Leon (a well-known Peruvian swimmer) in the Lower School.

Mayor’s Cup International 2019

During the summer break, the 2003/2004 (age group) football team participated in the 11th edition of the Mayor’s Cup International Showcase against teams from 19 countries and 27 U.S states.

Webinar: Back to what future?

Conversation amongst Latin American school headmasters in which our own Headmaster, Chris Binge, offered his views on how education could change to adapt to these new times.

Education changes from Peru

In this episode, Director of Persyou, Nicholas McKie is joined by Chris Binge, Head of Markham College in Lima, Peru. Chris discusses a wealth of topics ranging from freeing school structures, adding curriculum breath to promoting interdisciplinary learning as a way forward for education. Chris provides an insightful outlook of education development drawing on his vast experience of leading schools in Geneva, Hong Kong and Singapore.

How to discuss politics with our children?

During difficult times, boys and girls know what is happening. How can we discuss the country’s political crisis with children? Educational psychologist Paloma Labarthe, from Markham College, offers these tips.