We are an innovative and forward-thinking co-educational school in Peru with a bilingual education following British guidelines. We prepare students to achieve academic success, to be able to contribute to the improvement of society, the environment, as a way of fulfilling personal and family happiness. Our learning journey starts in Early Years. 


Forward thinking and tradition are at the heart of the Markham teaching and learning process. Keeping with high standards, we are constantly updating our learning environments and pedagogy offering students opportunities to make choices that fuel their passion for learning. We offer multi-purpose learning spaces that encourage creativity and problem solving to prepare students as lifelong learners. 

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98% IB pass rate

On average, Markham students achieve an IB pass rate of 98%, regularly reaching a score of 4 points above the world average.

IB Programme

87% Billingual Diplomas

More than 87% of our International Baccalaureate (IB) students receive a bilingual diploma.

IB Programme

22 IGCSE subject choices

Each year, our students take almost 1,500 IGCSE exams from the University of Cambridge. They often receive the Cambridge Top of the World awards for their exceptional results by earning the highest ratings in the world.


Extensive Arts Programme

The creative and performing arts start from Early Childhood with a wide variety of options (including art, theatre, film and music) and expert teachers in their fields.


40% of our staff is international

Markham College invests in highly qualified staff to ensure that our students receive the best possible education.

Our teachers

Several development opportunities

We are members of local and international organisations such as Round Square, ADCA and LAHC that support the commitment of the College to remain competitive and offer the best opportunities to its students.

Outdoor Education Programme

Markham College has the most complete outdoor education programme in the country, which includes a social service element. The opportunities for students are challenging, exciting and educational.

Outdoor Education Programme