Un hogar, un futuro – HACIA Democracy

“We decided the project would be related to Chincha because it is a topic that has not been resolved in over 10 years”

Our students’ project consists of helping our fellow compatriots from Chincha, protecting their future and providing them with the basic and essential: a home. The 2007 earthquake left many affected, more than 550 deceased, 1500 wounded and many families without a home. These people were moved to very insecure provisional tents made of plastic or cloth. Our students feel it is their responsibility to raise their voice and lend a hand due to the fact that it’s been over 12 years since the natural disaster occurred and many families are still waiting for help to arrive.

The students are not only looking to win the final prize to finance their project but also, they’re aware of the impact that winning a contest like this would generate. It would be a very important starting point to help support the spread of house building for families that have been living in deplorable conditions. The broadcast through HACIA Democracy and Harvard University can awaken the interest, conscience and sensibility of other people and private organisations in order for them to collaborate and become a part of this campaign.

The team that has been constantly showing great organisation, commitment and responsibility is made up by: Nicolás Leey (leader), Rafael Chung, Micaela Leey, Salvatore Cordova, Ignacio Valentin, Alessandra Licetti, Antonella Arana, Andrea Larrabure, Mathieu Rojas, Francesca Paez, Paloma Sánchez, Ana Paula Loret de Mola, Joaquín Caballero and their two advisors Ms Sandra Carbajal and Ms Liadys Valles.

There are only two additional stages left in order to decide the official winning group, and we are proud to have such dedicated students. 

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