National Programme

What is the National Programme?

  • A rigorous one-year course (Sixth Form: 5N)
  • An integral part of the formation offered by Markham College whereby English still has an important role, in both the number of teaching hours devoted to it, as well as the preparation it offers in terms of preparing the pupils for international examinations
  • Taught mainly but not entirely in Spanish
  • Excellent preparation for students who decide to pursue higher education in Peru
  • Recognised by most private universities in Peru; students who are in the superior group (50% and higher of the promotion) often have direct entrance to local universities

Aims of the National Programme

It is built upon the following three pillars with the aim of enabling a student to successfully transition from school to university life:

  • Development of the basic topics that are covered in the first semester in university
  • Preparation for the local universities' admission process
  • Successful career orientation

Mandatory courses

  • English (4 lessons per week)
  • Spanish (7 lessons per week)
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities
  • PE (Physical Education)
  • Tutor periods for assessment (two per week in preparation to university entrance)
  • Extended essay written in Spanish
  • Choice of 3 option subjects

Elective subjects

  • Science: Biology; Chemistry; Physics; Computer Studies; Design&Technology
  • Humanities: Economics; Geography, History of Peru; Critical Thought
  • Art: Art; Drama; Music

Additional requirements

All Pupils in the National Programme are prepared for either the FCE (First Certificate of English) or the CAE (Certificate of Advanced English) examinations. Both exams are offered by the University of Cambridge.

As part of the graduation process, students in the National Programme must also accumulate 60 hours of community service through the CAS programme (Creativity, Action, Service) in which they have the opportunity to develop a commitment to their country and to those most in need.