Middle School

What is Middle School?


The Middle School (Primary 6 to Secondary 2) has been created to ease the transition of Primary 5 pupils coming from the Lower School (Monterrico campus) to our Miraflores campus. These years represent a crucial stage in the development of our youngest pupils in the Upper School and great care is taken to support them in their overall development.


The Middle School team strive to create a nurturing and caring environment while establishing a sense of belonging to the Markham community. The Middle School Coordinator oversees the work of the specialist teachers, counsellors and support staff who work directly with these pupils and operates under the direction of the Head of the Upper School to help ensure a smooth transition into the IGCSE years (Secondary 3 & 4) and continuing on into the Sixth Form.


What subjects are included?

English Spanish
French Mathematics
Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) Geography
History (world history) History of Peru
Design & Technology Information Technology
Religion (not compulsory) Drama
Music Art
Physical Education PSE (Personal Social Education)