Markham Trust

The Markham Trust, founded in 2004, was created as a means to maintain the educational excellence of Markham College and to collaborate with under-developed Peruvian communities by giving financial support to social and educational projects.

The Markham Trust is a non-profit organisation founded by members of the Markham community.

The Board of the Markham Trust is comprised of the following members: 

Mr Raúl Otero Bossano


Mr Gonzalo Aguirre Arriz

Vice President

Mr Mark Hoffmann Rosas


Mr Claudio Cavassa Salazar


Mr Manuel Gallofré Cassado


Mr José Ramón Mariátegui Viera Gallo


Ms María Isabel Salinas Valle


Ms Karla Toledo-Ocampo Gonzales


Markham Trust Memoirs

100 students from COAR Cuzco joined S4 students to plant 10,000 trees in the Piuray area
94 students trained by teachers and students of Markham College in the construction of modular houses in Chincha.
Markham College teachers trained COAR teachers from different regions of the country in the areas of Theory of Knowledge, Biology and Literature.
Lower School teachers provided pedagogical workshops to 120 teachers of the IPAE / EDUCA + programme
Markham and COAR La Libertad students carried out various cultural activities, surfing, as well as service for the environment during the Surf & Service activity