Chincha Trip – March 2019

The heat in Chincha was overwhelming but we were all very excited and motivated. It was two days of hard work, building panels, assembling frames, cutting and varnishing wood, painting walls etc. Despite it being hard work, it was a great experience that brought all teams closer together, it taught us how to communicate and share ideas, how to organise ourselves and split larger tasks into smaller ones, plus we had lots of fun!

We enjoyed the music, meeting people we had never spoken to before and eating the delicious sopa seca and carapulcra that the host family served us on Sunday. However, the best part was finally giving the house we had put so much work, effort and care to the family and receiving grateful smiles and even some tears in return. This Chincha trip was a very humbling experience and I encourage all of you to get involved in the upcoming Chincha trips as they are experiences that you will never forget!

Carolina Morales, student member of the Media and Communications Council