The APAFA of Markham College is a dynamic organisation well integrated within the Markham community whereby parents participate in all of the activities proposed by the College, always with a pro-active and co-operative spirit, in the best interest of the education of their children.


We are committed to contributing to the betterment of the educational institution of which we are a part for the benefit of our children.


The present Board of the APAFA is comprised of the following members:


Mrs María Fe Perea Zabalbeascoa de Cox
Mrs Aimi Yamamura Kinjo de Camacho

Vice President

Mr José Luis Sarrio Abad


Mr Diego Roda Lynch


Mrs Pamela Maritza Gonzales de Villalobos

Vocal (Early Years)

Mrs Sandra Beatriz Cubas de Muntoni

Vocal (Primary)

Mrs Natalia Julia Degregori Quimper

Vocal (Secondary)



Last update: 28/02/2023