2019 International Food Fair

Such a big and important event required months of preparation from all of the student councils, the Round Square organising team, Mr Murdoch and everyone else involved in either cooking or entertainment. We had the broadest lineup of dishes by far, with a variety of different student and teacher-made entrées and desserts from all over the world. We also hosted some special guests like Raspadillas Patty, Juicy Lucy and La Gioconda amongst other restaurants which made an appearance offering their best-selling dishes.

It was a great celebratory environment and all of the visiting delegates had a great time getting to meet their hosts, trying new foods, and listening to music which embodied part of the Peruvian, but most importantly, the Markham culture.

This event is very significant as it teaches us about the importance of embracing different cultures while celebrating one of the many things that makes our country special: gastronomy and being open to trying new things.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work and enthusiasm, the 2019 International Food Fair was a complete success! 

Carolina Morales, student member of the Media and Communications Council