Lower School

Lower School is located in our Monterrico campus and hosts students from primary 2 to 5. Our pupils flourish in our warm, friendly environment and leave us at the end of Primary 5 thoroughly prepared academically, emotionally and psychologically for the transition to the Middle School.

As they mature, pupils are increasingly more involved in outdoor educational pursuits. In Primary 3, pupils camp in the Lower School grounds. In Primary 4 they head into the foothills of the Andes to camp and in Primary 5 they travel further afield to explore the Paracas National Reserve.
The Lower School is integrated with and reflects the ideals of the Young Round Square organisation and is committed to working on social and environmental initiatives.



The dual-language (English and Spanish) curriculum in the Lower School combines the best in international programmes stimulating pupils to become active thinkers, knowledgeable and open-minded.
An important aspect of our curriculum is our Personal and Social Education Programme (PSE) which encourages pupils to become principled and caring.


The Curriculum in the Lower School consists of the following subjects:



Physical education




PSE (Tutor group)


Peruvian studies



Religion (not obligatory)


Pupil evaluations

At all times we are less concerned with marks achieved than with the progress of the pupils and the effort they put into their work. Much emphasis is placed in the Lower School on the establishment of sound work principles and a high degree of personal organisation.


Pupils are evaluated on an objective-based grading system: Exceeds expectations, Meets expectations +, Meets expectations, Meets expectations -, Developing and Emerging. Additionally, grades for effort and attitude are awarded each bimester as well as conduct diplomas and class diplomas.


At the end of each academic year subject and class prizes are awarded in the whole school prize-giving ceremony.