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Back to school

Padres magazine asked the most important educational centres in the country, including Markham School, what where the great learnings of 2020 and what will be the changes or novelties that they will present to their students in this new year, which will have online and distance learning as the great common denominators.

The Magnifier: meet the first philosophy magazine born from a secondary school

A group of students turned their thoughts and doubts about poetry, art and politics into a philosophical perspective. The Magnifier, the magazine, gains momentum thanks to its director, Sabrina Garrido, who has a lot to say about the current political situation and what the Bicentennial Generation, to which she belongs, means to her.

How to understand and educate children’s emotions?

A long-term pause in attending school and social interaction can generate different emotions in children, including crying and tantrums, amongst others, which is why it’s important to properly guide and promote their emotional education.