Mr Chris Binge (Headmaster)

I joined Markham College in 2017 after a professional life spent in educational institutions all round the world. I have worked in London and Singapore and been the Head of schools in Geneva and Hong Kong. Markham is my first position in Latin America. It is a challenge I am enjoying immensely.

We are a school that combines tradition and a history of success with a constantly forward looking outlook on education. We are always trying to improve what we do in every aspect.

Learning at Markham College happens everywhere and all the time. Of course it takes place in the classroom where the foundations of our strong reputation for academic success are laid down. The path through the college begins when they are 3 or 4 years old and takes them on a journey towards eventual success in the National Programme or the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The language skills are laid down in English and Spanish that lead to confident, fluent users of both these languages. Nearly all our IB students achieve a Bilingual Diploma, which is quite remarkable for any school. The skills of how to learn, to research to collaborate and communicate the results of this study are developed throughout their education at Markham.

Learning also takes place out of the classroom, and we want students to see how the skills they use in other activities are the same as the ones they use in their studies. Markham students create and perform in all the disciplines of our rich Arts programme. Our range of Sports is impressive and our students hone their skills to take part in these activities at the highest level in Lima and beyond. One of the attributes that separates Markham from most other schools in the region is the breadth and richness of our activities programme and the educational trips that take place outside school. We take students from the desert to the mountains and the jungle to experience the rich diversity of Peru. These can be service projects such as building houses for the homeless. They can be academic studies on field trips related to courses. They can be physically demanding challenges that push young people out of their comfort zone. On many of these, younger children are led by older students as well as the adults. Leadership and collaboration are important skill areas for us all.

Markham is proud to be a Round Square School. This worldwide organisation links excellent schools from around the world that share ideals. It gives us the opportunities to send our young people on exchanges to places they would not normally visit. To attend and take part in conferences and service projects where they meet and work with students from other Round Square schools. Through this we achieve a broad education with an international outlook that is firmly rooted in Peruvian and Latin American culture.

I hope this website gives you a chance to get to know Markham College, and enjoy the experience as much as I do.

Mr Chris Binge

BassinoI was once asked what defines Markham College. I instinctively thought of all those aspects of the school that have established themselves throughout the years. Isn't identity all about that which is permanent? But then another answer surprised me, and I realised the central quality about life at Markham is 'change'. It seems paradoxical but true, that the only permanent thing at Markham is how we change with the times.

And yet, education is probably one of the most conservative of social activities. Its aim is to preserve knowledge and convey values in use. But, and this is the challenge, it also has to prepare students to live in a society that does not yet exist. The future is difficult to envision, due to the speed of innovation imposed by technology in our personal and professional lives.

As an Old Markhamian, as a teacher, as a parent, and now as Director, I am deeply proud of the school. The school motto is Studiis et rebus honestis, 'for honourable studies and pursuits' extracted from a text by the Latin poet Horace. These words define our vision of the school: an academic education, the shaping of minds, the value of imagination, and a solid ethical base to life.

Enjoy this window into life at Markham.

Mr Marco Bassino