The London College of Music (LCM) is one of eight schools forming part of the University of West London, a university well-known for forming creative professionals.

LCM is the largest specialist music and performing arts institution in the United Kingdom and offers a wide range of international examinations in music, drama and communications. These examinations are spread across a variety of subjects within each area, catering to a wide range of abilities. Markham is the only school in Lima recognised as a Latin American representative of the LCM authorised to provide these examinations.

Every year a considerable number of Markham students participating in the school’s Instrumental & Vocal Programme sit LCM examinations; the majority of them passing with excellent results. Our students take these examinations at different levels in their corresponding instruments as well as singing. Secondary 3 & 4 students, as well as those IB students who take Music as an options course, are strongly recommended to sit the LCM Music Literacy international evaluations (Grade 3 to Grade 5) and the IB Music examinations respectively at either the standard or higher level. The Fellowship Diploma is the highest available qualification LCM offers.

In 2017 we had around 120 candidates from the three sections of the school.Overall, as a South American representative centre, we broke the record, with a total of 500 candidates from schools and institutions in Lima and Arequipa. This doubles the number of candidates from previous years. Entries provide an important income for the school and all candidates are able to use our facilities.

In 2017 98% (vs. 85% in 2016) got distinctions and merits. All candidates passed and the results were very satisfactory.

 All interested musicians should contact Mrs This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Director of Music.