Markham College is the only school in Peru that offers Food & Nutrition as an examination subject.

This creative two- year IGCSE course gives interested S3 and S4 students the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in an area relevant to their own lives and promotes healthy living.. During the course students explore a variety of areas such as gastronomy, food science, healthy eating and food industries.

Food & Nutrition is oriented towards a full understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how to prepare recipes to fulfil different dietary needs. The topic of nutrition is becoming more and more important and the opportunity to study nutrition at an early age is one of the great advantages this subject offers to our students.  

This two-year course focuses on both the theory and practical knowledge of nutrition relevant to our daily lives. Students learn about the importance of food and nutrition in the actual world as well as the practical skills of preparing recipes according to parameters and dietary requirements. These two areas of the subject are meant to provide a student with a full understanding of a healthy lifestyle and how it may be achieved; students learn more about what they are eating and how to prepare what they like to eat, in a healthy way.

The subject is divided into 2 main areas: Theory and Cooking Practices. Each of these topics is evaluated individually, giving equal importance to theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Each complements the other to promote the understanding  of the 14 different topics listed below:

  • Basic food concepts; nutritive value; digestion and absorption of food
  • Dietary guidelines; composition of food; cooking of food
  • Basic proportions;  raising agents; food spoilage; food preservation; kitchen planning, equipment, safety and basic first aid