Markham College is the only school in Peru that offers IGCSE and IB Diploma level Design and Technology!

Design and Technology (DT) is an exciting and innovative subject whereby students apply knowledge and skills learned from every subject, within a creative and industrial context. The subject promotes an entrepreneurial spirit as well as developing problem solving and critical thinking skills. Students not only develop an in depth understanding of how to design products, use tools and work with a range of materials, but they also learn about design thinking, research techniques, presentation skills and project management.

The primary objective of DT is to expose students to content that isn’t covered in traditional curricula. This enables them to develop an in depth understanding of potential career options such as engineering, industrial design, business management, fashion, etc. This subject is also unique in that it develops important practical skills, particularly useful for careers in architecture, medicine and engineering. It is worth noting that many British universities require students to have studied Design Technology at school, in order to be eligible for the best courses in design, engineering and architecture.

Markham College boasts excellent DT facilities, with cutting edge technologies such as two state of the art laser cutters, two 3D printers and a high-speed 3-axis router, as well as a wide range of impressive tools in our well-equipped workshops.

Middle School:


As is the case in the United Kingdom, all Markham students study DT whilst in P6 and S1. Approximately 85% of students then choose to continue studying the subject, which is optional in S2. Middle School DT follows a ‘Product Design’ curriculum, which is a first class foundation for completing international examinations at Upper School level.

IGCSE (S3 & S4):

At S3 and S4 level, IGCSE DT there are three exciting option subjects: Graphic Products, Resistant Materials and Systems and Control. Each of these courses is made up of a coursework element (50%) and a final examination (50%). Markham College consistently achieves outstanding grades at IGCSE level. Although these three courses are very similar, they each have a slightly different focus:


The Graphic Products course specialises in 2D design software, packaging design, architectural modeling, marketing and advertising. Students frequently use resources such as Adobe Illustrator, vinyl plotters, laser cutters and printing technologies to produce a thirty-page (A3) design folder over two years, as well as a manufactured outcome.

IGCSE Resistant Materials:



The Resistant Materials course specialises in 2D and 3D sketching, 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design), using workshop tools and designing furniture. This course is slightly more hands-on, and students experience more time in the workshop. In 2016, this course achieved the best IGCSE results in the school. Students produce a thirty-page (A3) design folder over two years, as well as a manufactured outcome.

IGCSE Systems and Control:



The Systems and Control course is a particularly interesting electronics and mechanisms based course, best suited for technically minded students. Students learn how to design circuit boards, build complex circuits, programme microchips (PICs) and manufacture plastic casings for their products. Students produce a thirty-page (A3) design folder over two years, as well as a manufactured outcome.

S5 & 6B:

DT is available to S5 students in two formats, depending on their choice to complete the IB of 5N programme; 5N DT (a one year Programa Nacional course) and 5B DT (a two year IB Diploma programme). Students may join 5N DT without having studied DT previously; however, they must be able to evidence high achievement in subjects with transferable skills (Science, Art, Business etc). It is not suggested that students select IB DT without having completed an IGCSE course in DT, because the content is extremely challenging if students do not have prior knowledge of the subject.

5N DT – Formula 1 in Schools:





This exciting course is part of a programme, best suited for students who intend to attend a Peruvian university. Students on the 5N DT course have the opportunity to participate in a prestigious and highly respected international competition, with a strong chance of attending the event overseas. This project is a collaborative team project, whereby students work together to design and manufacture a scale jet powered racing car, secure sponsorship and investment, promote their team and develop high-level 3D CAD, research and evaluative skills. Students who complete this course are able to create incredible resumes to impress universities, as a result of being involved in a high pressured, competitive project.

IB DT – International Baccalaureate:


The course for the BI Diploma is highly respected. It is recognised by universities and employers as a modern and challenging subject that produces independent researchers and allows students to solve problems efficiently. The students complete two years of rigorous theoretical preparation prior to the two standard level assessments or three higher level assessments at the end of their senior year. The students also carry out an innovative design project where they find opportunities to identify and solve real-life problems by designing and creating a new invention. Students who complete this year will be ready to study design, engineering, administration, architecture, fashion and business. Likewise, they are prepared for a wide variety of related courses in the best universities in the world.