The HELIX Programme is an innovative student-centred, learning framework broadly focusing on the key principles of experiential learning, leadership and international citizenship. The name of the programme derives from holistic education, experiential learning, leadership, international citizenship and the ‘X’ factor which defines our individuality.

The HELIX Programme is made up of four interlinked strands known as the “CODE”:


The Markham community is enriched by the blend of local and international staff and students. Through shared experiences we all have the opportunity to celebrate and promote our diversity and identity via events such as the International Food Fair or the ‘Tinkuy’ Festival which celebrates the local cultures of Peru or our Exchange Programme with other Round Square (RS) Schools.


Outdoor experiences reflect the Round Square ideals of Kurt Hahn through personalchallenge, service to others, initiative leadership and teamwork. Included in this are the Outdoor Education Programme, CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) Programme, the International Award (The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award), as well as, both national and international educational trips, sporting activities and events.



Through the promotion of global awareness, sustainability and social justice, students initiate, lead and participate in both local and international projects and conferences which create a positive impact in the Markham community.  Examples include the Model United Nation (MUN) Conferences and RS International Conferences.


This strand focuses on all of the initiatives that promote the practice of the Arts and any other type of personal expression. Creativity and innovation is a key to the continued development of the Markham community. Feature activities & events include those from Art, Drama, Music, Dance, Poetry and Film, as well as, LAHC and ADCA events.   

Our desire is that students find value in experiencing all of the strands in varying degrees. The learning afforded by participation in these ‘strands’ fulfils the CAS requirements for both the National Programme and the IB Diploma. In addition, a large number of leadership opportunities exist for all Sixth Form students under the auspices of the “CODE” of the HELIX programme.