Primary 4 – Chosica (3 days)

For many pupils, this is their first extended period away from family and home. Pupils are accompanied by teachers, student leaders (S5) and parent class delegates. Some activities include: problem-solving, a very popular climbing and rappel activity, as well as, team sports, archery, cooking, swimming, kite-making, t-shirt making, group work and completing their unit of enquiry.




Primary 5 – Paracas (3 days)

Paracas is a popular tourist destination due to its magnificent coastal scenery, abundance of wildlife and National Park. The pupils spend time in the National Park exploring the landscape, wildlife and visit ecological and historical museums. They also visit the offshore islands where they see a great diversity of bird life and a large population of inquisitive seals.




Primary 6 – Lunahuana (4 days)

P6 pupils, teachers and student leaders (S5) camp in a beautiful area by a river surrounded by mountains. The activities include: rafting, trekking, climbing, rappel, zip-line across the river, cross-country mountain biking, orienteering, an Inca archaeological visit and initiative activities. Pupils also complete a service and environmental project alongside children from a local primary school.




Secondary 1 - Santa Eulalia (5 days) 

Teachers, student leaders (S5) and pupils camp at Las Gambusinas in Santa Eulalia.  The campsite is surrounded by towering mountains with an alpine stream running through the property. Pupils complete a trek and camp out in the foothills of the Andes (Huariquiña) carrying what they need for the walk and cooking their dinner and breakfast on camp stoves.  Activities in Huariquiña include a ropes course and zip-line and also a canyoning/rappel activity down the enormous Canyon.  Pupils also visit the Kis-Kas water park and carry out a number of initiative activities.  Finally, all of the pupils participate in a service project and an environmental project involving the local community and a Primary School.




Secondary 2 – Huaraz (7 days) 

Huaraz is located in the heart of the Andes and the pupils are surrounded by majestic snow-capped peaks, many over 6000 metres high. Teachers and student leaders (S5) accompany the pupils. Pupils again complete a challenging overnight walk, but this time must carry themselves all of their provisions they will need as well as cook dinner and breakfast on camp stoves. Activities on this trip include: mountain biking, rafting, canyon, rock climbing and rappel.  Pupils also carry out a service project with local school and community.




Secondary 3 – Tambopata - located in the Tambopata River – Peruvian Amazon (5 days)

The pupils and accompanying tutors and teachers from the Upper School stay in an eco-lodge in the middle of the Amazon jungle, far- away from computers, mobile phones, and other modern distractions and are able to experience the majesty of the tropical forest. For all of our pupils, this is an unforgettable experience and, for some, life changing. Great emphasis on this trip is placed on preparing pupils for the ecology part of the Science IGCSE examination they will take in Secondary 4. Some activities include: bird watching, boating down the Amazon River, tree-canopy zip-line, climbing to the top of an observation tower in the heart of the jungle, a nightly expedition to hear the sounds of the jungle, and the ever popular insect and fauna expeditions.