School colours: brown, white and gold

House colours: red (Cochrane), blue (Guise), green (Miller) and yellow (Rowcroft). House colour badges are awarded to those pupils who excel in sports and who demonstrate qualities of perseverance, leadership and school spirit.

Team mascot: lion

Sporting affiliations and competitions: 

  • ADCA
  • UDCA
  • Copa Markham
  • Inter-houses
  • LS Markham Match
  • EY Fun Sports Day
  • LS Swimming Gala
  • US Swimming Gala
  • Steeplechase
  • Inter School Festivals
  • LS Sports Day
  • US Sports Day
  • Copa Newton
  • Copa Inmaculado
  • Campeonato Metropolitano de Hockey
  • Interescolar de la Federación de Baseball y Softball
  • ADCA Danza