Open communication between parents and staff is encouraged to better meet the emotional needs of each pupil and to monitor their individual development and academic progress.

The Tutor is the first point of contact for each pupil and is responsible for the wellbeing of the pupils under his care and to offer them guidance.  

The PSE teachers (Personal and Social Education) are responsible for establishing the formative themes implemented throughout the Upper School and for the orientation of pupils. These themes are age appropriate and are designed to respond to the ever-changing needs in the pupils’ socio-psychological development. 

The Head of Year is in charge of coordinating the work of the tutors and PSE teachers. They also supervise the progress of each pupil in their year group and are responsible for communicating and working together with parents for their wellbeing.

There is also a Counseling Department in the Upper School currently formed by 5 professional counselors and 3 assistants, interning in Psychology. The Counseling Department offers counseling to individual pupils and monitors their progress, offers vocational counselling to older pupils in their last years of study, as well as organizes informative seminars for parents concerning current age appropriate themes with external professionals, experts in their fields.

The Counselling Department focuses on the wellbeing of the pupil as well as his/her individual growth and personal development through the programme: Personal and Social Education (PSE).


The Primary Responsibilities of the Counselling Services Department of the College are:

  • To counsel and work with pupils both individually and in small groups

  • To support and orient parents

  • To maintain contact with those specialists who are working individually with pupils

  • To collaborate with Heads of Year, tutors and teachers in assisting pupils 

  • To organise vocational orientation meetings and university information meetings

  • To support students with their applications to universities both nationally as well as internationally

This important  pastoral care team organises a wide range of talks for parents, taking into consideration the needs, situations and social factors which correspond to the age and development of their children.  These talks are programmed throughout the academic year with the support of professionals who are specialised in the themes and topics presented.