The Upper School Staff is composed of a team of well over 100 highly qualified specialist teachers. Approximately 50% of them coming from abroad and are native English speakers.

Our teachers regularly attend training seminars and exchange programmes ensuring that the latest educational methods are applied in their everyday teaching. There are many opportunities for staff training; a professional development plan, mentoring programme and teacher training initiative is in place for all members of our teaching staff. The Deputy Head of Staffing manages the induction of new staff joining Markham, training of new teachers and creates professional development opportunities for existing staff members. 

With respect to tutor groups, all pupils are placed in tutor groups. The Tutor is responsible for the wellbeing of the pupils under his care and to offer them academic guidance.

The PSE teachers (Personal and Social Education) are responsible for establishing the formative themes implemented throughout the Upper School and for the orientation of pupils. These themes are age appropriate and are designed to respond to the ever-changing needs in the pupils’ socio-psychological development.

The Head of Year is in charge of co-ordinating the work of the tutors and PSE teachers. They also supervise the progress of each pupil in their year group and are responsible for communicating and working together with parents for the pupil’s wellbeing.