The aim of the Sixth Form Team, when caring for the students, is to provide a coordinated management of the academic standards of the students balanced with provision for their well being and personal growth regardless of the programme they choose. Both the Head of Sixth Form and the Deputy Head work closely with parents and academic coordinators of both programmes as well as CAS and Careers Coordinators. 


The Sixth Form refers to those students continuing on to complete their studies in the Upper School (S5 & 6B). 

The Primary roles of the Head of Sixth Form and the Deputy Head are the following:

  • To coordinate the work of tutors and establish a strong and cohesive tutor team
  • To work closely with both the academic and CAS coordinators in each programme
  • To give support to the Counselling Services Department (pastoral care)
  • To give support to the Careers Guidance And Universities Department (university placement)

Students in the Sixth Form choose to follow one of two programmes:

  • The National Programme (one year course)
  • The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (two year course)