The Early Years day varies from 7.40-2.00 depending on the age of the student.


The Nursery day begins at 8.30 am and ends at 12.30 pm. During this time, the children are engaged mostly with child-initiated activities and adult-directed, both indoors and out. The children have three sessions of Physical Development per week and a stand-alone Music session. At the beginning of the year, the dominant language is Spanish but by the end of bimester 1 the children are exposed to spoken English. It becomes fully English Immersion during Bimester 2.

PreKinder children have a soft start 7.40-7.55 where a selection of activities are available to develop communication, fine motor and social skills. The school day then begins with a selection of adult led and child initiated activities. There are two PE and one Music session a week. The children have Games and chose an after-school activity in Bimester 2.

The Kinder and P1 day is 7.40am -2.00pm. The timetable consists of 40-minute sessions, 45-minute lunch and a 30 minute morning break time. The children have nine specialists lessons of PE, Art, Music, Computing and Games per week.There are also 2 self-chosen activities per week such as Music, Dance, Sport, Art, Craft, Cooking, Gardening.

There are also extracurricular activities after the school day such as Ballet, TaeKwondo, Coding, YogArte and Bricks4Kidz.