In Early Years all children are encouraged to explore, experiment, practise, imagine, create and play. Much emphasis is placed on developing attitudes and skills that will allow our children to flourish later on in life. 

The Early Years Section follows an English immersion programme with an enquiry-based learning philosophy. 


English Immersion Programme

Total English immersion is applied from the first day of classes in Pre-Kinder, and after three years in this programme, our pupils are able to read, write and express themselves in English. Most of all, they enjoy doing so!

Enquiry-Based Learning (EBL)

We are fully committed to children learning from direct experience; our classrooms are colourful, buzzing with life and activity. 

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

The SEN area is designed to support children, staff and parents to address and monitor different needs in the classroom. 

Parents’ meetings are programmed throughout the year and full reports sent home in July and December. We invite parents to come into the classrooms at our Open Afternoons and at our parent / teacher / pupil conferences where the children themselves reflect on what they have learned and set new learning targets.  Additionally, parents are always welcome to request interviews with staff whenever the need arises.