All families are eligible to apply for admission to Markham College. In order to be transparent with our selection process we publish information about the criteria used, which is available to all prospective families.

Markham College seeks to offer a place to those families found to be in full agreement with the educational proposals of the school (mission, vision and strategic aims).

Entry into the College is subject to the availability of spaces. Often the number of applicants is greater than the number of places available and it is not always possible to offer all candidates a place. For this reason, the following criteria have been established for entry.

These criteria will be applied according to what has, or may be, legally stipulated by the Ministry of Education and other relevant authorities:

  • Markham College offers priority status to those applicants whose siblings are currently studying in the College. Priority status for siblings is designed to support our current Markham families, already committed to the mission, vision and strategic aims of the College, as well as their desire that all of their children, regardless of gender, receive the same education in a co-educational environment.
  • Priority is given to the children of eligible families directly associated with the College including, but not limited to, the siblings of former graduates of the College, the children of Old Markhamians and the children of staff. For this priority to be assigned, it is assumed that, where appropriate, all other children of school age in the immediate family are attending or have graduated from the College (An Old Markhamian is defined as either a graduate of the College and/or a student who attended the College for a minimum of eight years).  
  • Markham College, as a co-educational school, aims to offer a place to those families committed to only one educational institution for all their children, regardless of gender.
  • Markham College aims to maintain an appropriate number of pupils within each class (class sizes) as well as an appropriate balance of places between boys and girls.
  • Markham College aims to offer an appropriate number of places to children of international families coming to Peru for a limited stay and/or to those Peruvian families with experience living, working or studying abroad.
  • Consideration is given to bilingual families (English/Spanish). Markham College is a bilingual school and all students entering the College will be expected to follow an intensive bilingual Programme.