Lower School pupils flourish in our warm, friendly environment and leave us at the end of Primary 5 thoroughly prepared academically, emotionally and psychologically for the transition to the Middle School at San Antonio.

Personal and Social Education (PSE) is a central part of Lower School life. It guides much of the work done in class and supports the ethos of the school.

The school also implements an enquiry based learning philosophy in which pupils direct their own studies and investigations, while collaborating actively in groups.

As they mature, pupils are increasingly more involved in outdoor educational pursuits. In Primary 3, pupils camp in the Lower School grounds. In Primary 4 they head into the foothills of the Andes to camp and in Primary 5 they travel further afield to explore the Paracas National Reserve.

The Lower School is integrated with and reflects the ideals of the Young Round Square organization (yrsaonline.org) and is committed to working on social and environmental initiatives.

The school also provides a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Pupils can participate in sports, arts, music and drama as well as clubs, which range from languages to gardening, Tae Kwon Do to origami. As a result of our activities programme, all pupils perform to parents in an instrumental recital or dance presentation.