Lima, "Ciudad de Reyes":

  • The largest city in Perú
  • The second largest capital located in a desert (after Cairo)
  • Political, Economic and Cultural centres of Peru
  • Home to one third of Peru's population
  • Metropolitan Lima is formed by the Province of Lima and the Constitutional Province of Callao

Geography of Lima:

  • Located in west central Peru in a desert stripe between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes within the valleys of the Chillon, Rimac and Lurin rivers
  • Historical city centre is located at the shore of the Rimac river

 Distances to Major Cities in Peru:

  • From Cuzco: 724 miles (1,165 km)
  • From Arequipa: 633.8 miles (1,020 Km)
  • From Paracas: 152 miles (245 Km)
  • From Huaraz: 248.5 miles (400 Km)

 International Airport:

  • Jorge Chavez International Airport in Callao

 Local Currency:

  • The Peruvian Nuevo Sol
  • Some local establishments will receive US Dollars (under 100$ bills only)

 Telephone Area Codes:

  • (1) for the city of Lima
  • (+51) for Peru


  • Spanish is the official language of the Government
  • Quechua (Highlands of the Andes)
  • Aymara (Amazon basin)

 Climate and Temperature:

  • December - May (average daily temperatures between 25°C to 32°C)
  • June - November (average daily temperatures between 12°C and 20°C)

 Education in Lima:

  • There are different categories of schools: costly private and international schools; religious and non-religious private schools and government funded public schools

Higher Education in Lima (University):

  • There are a number of recognised public and private Universities
  • Lima is home to the oldest University in the Americas - the National University of San Marcos (1551)


  • Lima produces more than two thirds of the Peruvian GDP, taxes, bank deposits, private investments, doctors and university students

 Industry and Services:

  • Almost all of Peru's mayor industries are located in the Lima area
  • Main Products: textiles, clothing and food. Chemicals, fish, leather, paper and oil derivatives are also manufactured and/or processed in Lima
  • Commercial activities are spread throughout the city
  • Service sector (retail and wholesale business, trade, finance, tourism)