Rock & Water at Markham College

Markham College is the first school in Peru that will integrate the Rock and Water approach into their educational programme. As part of the school’s effort to empower young people and proactively combat bullying, the College participated in an exclusive training session that supports its focus on human relations and values such as respect for one another.

Having heard of the success this programme, originated in the Netherlands, has had in schools across Europe, USA and Asia, Markham College decided to incorporate the learnings this workshop could offer to help young students gain self-awareness, increased self-confidence and improved social functioning.

The experiential workshop took place last February with the participation of 23 staff members and 2 parents, where they were able to experience firsthand the benefits the Rock and Water programme has to offer.

I see great value in Rock & Water because through role-playing and psychophysical games kids learn they have CHOICE. They learn that all they need is already with them and that they are stronger than they think they are! They learn to centre and ground themselves before acting and they also learn to practice their voice and set clear boundaries. I’m positive these tools will serve our kids well as they move forward in life with more empathy, self-awareness and self-confidence.

Sandra Gamio (Markham College parent)


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