Markham speakers obtain victory

On Monday 3 December, two Markham teams made up by S2 and S3 students, participated in a debate tournament organised by Lord Byron school where the kids faced students from higher grades and from the IB programme of the hosting school. The teams that represented Markham were:



Marcelo Guzman
Vicente Vildoso
Mathieu Rojas
Joaquín Caballero MARKHAM 2
Andrea  Larrabure
Micaela Leey
Lucienne Gabuteau
Tamara  Cabrejos

The speakers had a rather difficult preparation time in order to create arguments in favour or against the following motions:


  • MOTION 1: This House considers that the priority of developing countries should be to reduce poverty
  • MOTION 2: This House considers that the social media influencers (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter) have brought more harm than benefits
  • MOTION 3: This House considers that corruption is not the main cause of the current political crisis

The students proved to be incredible speakers after five rounds showcasing their talent, introspection and critical thinking. Finally the team Markham 1 earned their victory with the last motion. Congratulations to all the participants for their commitment, effort and perseverance!

equipo1 debate equipo2 debate