Markham visits the VRAEM

During October of 2018, two Markham teachers were invited by the Comando Especial FFAA VRAEM (CE VRAEM) to visit an area, meeting with the Ashaninka community from Otari, Pichari district. This opportunity allowed them to explore the possibility of developing a local social aid project in 2019.

The teachers of the school were welcomed not only at the Pichari headquarters (by the Brigadier General Ricardo Dominguez Pasco and the FAP colonel Alberto Nuñez del Prado Maldonado) but by the authorities of three Ashaninka communities as well: Otari Nativo, Sampantuari and Yebanashi. Additionally, they were supported by Ms Ruth Ramos Marquez, technical advisor of the Organización Asháninka Machiguenga del Río Apurimac y Ene (OARA). The Ashaninka communities suffered a great amount between 1980 to 2000 and continue facing big issues such as poor education, malnutrition and infrastructure so basic that it doesn’t satisfy local needs. Currently, most of the social aid received (particularly regarding health) comes from the CE VRAEM. As a school, we can provide support to the education they require. As a community, we would benefit from learning about the Ashaninkas and their traditions. At this time, the project is in the exploratory phase but our teachers hope to share updates soon. The video below gives a small glimpse into the beauty of this wonderful place.