Tinkuy 2018 at Markham

The word Tinkuy in quechua means encounter. This activity promoted by the Ministry of Education generates an exchange between students from sixth grade from different communities around the country. The importance of Tinkuy is to develop activities that make possible the ongoing fight against discrimination, stereotypes and racism. This year, Tinkuy’s central topic is “my community’s nutrition” and the main background message is “the fight against amnesia”. Our students, Rafael Torres and Aleshka Pardo from S1 were called upon the Tinkuy organisation team so that they, along with a student from a school in Loreto, would be the masters of the inauguration ceremony in the Centro Recreacional de Huampaní.

On Tuesday 16th October we received a delegation of 20 students from communities in Cajamarca, Yagua, Chapra, Shipibo de Cantagallo and Quiché de Guatemala (a community from Guatemala invited for Tinkuy 2018). 20 6th grade students from Markham, who had previously applied to be part of this representation, shared their morning with the Tinkuy student guests. They took part in many outdoor activities, some P6 student presentations about the importance of nutrition and prepared some lentil-based foods accompanied by delicious lemonade in the Food and Nutrition lab.

On Wednesday 17th October the selected P6 students attended the Feria de Sabores that took place in the Parque La Muralla in the city centre.

All of the activities were covered by students members of the ECOS magazine while other students from many different councils were supporting and participating in every activity, always supervised by the teachers of the school.

To everyone involved in Tinky 2018, thank you. We are convinced of the value and importance of this activity and are sure that actions like the ones Tinkuy takes are the ones that enrich our educational work.