Ocean Rescue

As part of Markham’s ongoing commitment to the environment and the production of our improved Environmental Policy, Imogen Napper a representative of National Geographic, who has recently completed her doctorate at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory in the UK, was invited into school to talk to students.

Imogen spoke to the students about her investigation in micro-plastic and how she was in Peru due to the invitation she received from the Peruvian Government and The British Council in order to encourage further research and dialogue regarding the Peruvian fishing industry and the negative impact that plastics from clothing and cosmetics are having on fish.

Imogen is a passionate surfer and environmental advocate and encouraged students to widen their awareness of the insidious nature of plastic pollution, that is not only plastic bottles and packaging but is also in out clothing and through micro fibres is also in the air we breath, the food we eat and the water we drink

She encouraged practical affirmative action and to think ahead by using "toma-todos", "tuppers", involving others in their plans but above all to remain flexible in the approach to tackling pollution.

At Markham, we are very much aware of our role in the long road to reducing plastic reliance and are trying to teach and promote awareness in an inspirational way and encourage students to retain their personal contact with the ocean as it plays such an important role in Peruvian life.

Imogen gave an inspirational talk that was attended by over 120 students and teachers and it was a credit to her that she was able to reach out and inspire students from P6 to 6B with her message.