Round Square experience 2018

On the 19th September, the tired yet excited Markham Delegation rolled up outside Lower Canada College to Meet Mr and Mrs Binge and the other 52 delegations for the first part of the International Conference. From that moment on there was barely a minute's rest as the next five days were packed full of student organised and led activities, discussions, adventures and exchange.


The schools in attendance hailed from all six continents, each bringing between 2 to 6 students - quite a mix of backgrounds and experiences, (as the final evening's cultural performances demonstrated!). It was through interacting with the other 150 students, and forming firm friendships, that our students broadened their knowledge, challenged their assumptions, and were motivated to help plan the conference that we and San Silvestre school will be holding here in Lima next year.


The theme of the conference was 'Bring your Difference' and through inspiring keynote speakers such as Wade Davis, we had the opportunity to challenge some of our own assumptions and explore the value of difference and the bravery often needed to express it.


We have all come back to Markham with new insight and ideas about how we can help move our own community on towards further inclusion and celebration of the differences that we have here in our school.


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