Surf & Service

The Surf & Service project this year took place in Puemape, a small artisanal fishing town close to Pacasmayo. Ten Markham students were joined by 4 COAR (Colegio de Alto Rendimiento) students of Viru - Trujillo as well as 2 Round Square exchange students from the USA and New Zealand during this trip. Students carried out a beach cleaning initiative while aiming to raise awareness in the community. They gave informative talks at the Santa Teresa de San Pedro de Lloc school and created a beautiful mural to welcome visitors to the beach which included a message urging them to keep it clean.


 Finally, the trip would not have been complete without some surf (and culture). They visited the natural reserve of Cañoncillo, the Antonio Raimondi museum and “El Brujo” archaeological site; here we met Mrs Cao, a governess from the pre-Columbian era, as well as taking advantage of daily surf classes.


Después del Service viene el Surf ~ Puemape🌊

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