MUN Hall of Fame

The United Ambassadors’ is a world-leading education organisation that aims to build future leaders through MUN, which stands today as the best youth development platform in the world. The goal of the Hall of Fame is for MUN veterans, who have had a positive impact on their peers and the Model UN community, to get recognised and congratulated in person at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Markham student, Philippe Chabaneix; Secretary- General of Markham MUN 2018, won first place in the Hall of Fame ranking with 54% of over 3,000 votes this year. Here is how Philippe describes his MUN story:

“MUN does not just give delegates awards. It gives them life experiences. Model UN for me has been a journey throughout the world. It has been fantastic to meet people of different backgrounds, ages, and walks of life. Nevertheless, and particularly throughout the past six months as Markham MUN 2018's Secretary-General, Model UN has also been a journey throughout myself. A journey of encountering strengths and weaknesses, victory and defeat, joy and disappointment. Of motivating others and motivating myself when both others and myself told me that I was aiming too high. MUN has seen me through my best and my worst pushed my limits and taught me that what I envision is my reality. Follow your MUN journey because MUN takes you places, be it halfway across the globe or deep within”.

Congratulations to Philippe on this outstanding achievement!