Food Fair winners

The Food Fair took place last 5 June with over 40 dishes prepared by students, parents and teachers. It was another great display of the whole school coming together to raise funds for extraordinary causes.

The winners this year where:

Best sustainable dish (World Environment Day):

  1. Larissa Córdova – Torta de merengue con lúcuma
  2. Miss Hesketh – Chocolate chirp cookies
  3. Miss Gutiérrez – Chicha velvet & kiwicha pop cupcakes

Best healthy dish:

  1. Prefects Team – Hawaian Peruvian bowls
  2. Andreas Galidie – Poke bowls
  3. Sharing the third plac were Wen Xing Dong who offered us cold rice noodles and Sofia Messner and Antonella Arana with their vegan cookies and cream cheesecake

The winners received an all-paid lunch at “Restaurante Escuela Don Ignacio” in USIL.


Food Fair :)

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