50th Anniversary of Round Square

This conference was particularly important as it marked the 50th anniversary of the Round Square Organization. The theme of the conference was The Journey That Makes Us and throughout the week Markham students had the opportunity to hear first-hand inspirational stories from people of different backgrounds, including such exciting personalities as a Formula F1 winner and a polar explorer.  The students were part of a truly multi-cultural community. All of the delegates participated in a many different activities, forming  long-lasting friendships with others from around the globe.

The week prior to the conference the Markham delegation along with representatives from schools from Australia, England, South Africa and Denmark, had the opportunity to take part in a tour of Transylvannia. Some of the highlights of this trip were a night visit to Dracula’s castle, a day-long hike though the Bucegi National Park and attending a typical Romanian wedding in one of Romania’s oldest towns. Overall, this was an experience no-one will ever forget!