We believe that a lively, well-organised and stimulating co-curricular programme is vital to the development of the pupils. It allows them to express themselves as individuals and provides them with the opportunity to explore new talents and develop new interests.  

Our co-curricular programme is designed to:

  • Enrich the lives of the pupils. By introducing them to a wide range of interests or stimulating their existing interests, we are help to help pupils develop into mature, well rounded and interesting young people.
  • Enrich relationships between pupils.  Our extensive list of activities allows for pupils to make friends and share time with other pupils with the same interests, making friends and understanding each other’s similarities and differences outside the academic classroom.  
  • Enrich relationships between pupils and staff. Our activities enable teachers and pupils to work together on a shared interest in an informal and friendly atmosphere and perhaps to see qualities in each other that they might not have noticed in a classroom situation.