Entrance fees:

A one-time entry fee to the British Educational Association of Peru is payable at the time of acceptance into Markham College.

2019 Entrance Fees:

Early Years (Nursery to Primary 1) 17,500 USD
Lower School (Primary 2 to Primary 5) 17,500 USD
Middle School (Primary 6 to Secondary 2) 12,500 USD
Upper School (Secondary 3 & Secondary 4) 8,500 USD
IB Programme 8,500 USD


  • The entrance fee to Nursery may be paid in two instalments:
    • 50% upon entry into the programme
    • 50% in January of the expected year of entry
  • All entrance fees are non-transferable and non-refundable
  • Please contact the Director of Finance, Mrs Miriam Parodi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information concerning entrance fees and payment schedules 


Current Annual Tuition Fees (2019):

  • Nursery:  10,640 USD 
  • Pre-Kinder to IB:  13,300 USD 


Tuition fees include the following:

  • School fees include: all textbooks, all copy books and all class materials, all international examination fees, local class trips and most outdoor educational trips
  • School fees can be paid either annually or in monthly instalments
  • Monthly fees are payable on the last working day of each month. Any delay in payment will be subject to an interest charge


 Items not included in the fees:

  • The pupil's personal writing equipment and school uniform
  • Yearly payment per family of US $60 to the APAFA (parents' association). This covers the cost of activities funded by the organisation
  • Optional school transport and lunch services
  • Optional longer trips on a user-pays basis, with a subsidy by the school whenever possible